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Welcome to our Yolo Isolation Support Project! This project’s main focus is to reach out to isolated individuals and provide helpful information and/or support during this time of quarantine. Below there is a sign-up form for individuals that would like to be contacted. Please specify whether you would like to be contacted by text or email for one or both of the following outreach subjects:

One Time Check-in: A volunteer will reach out and ask how you are doing and what you would like help with. Volunteers will then send links to websites and/or phone numbers with applicable information. Volunteers can only help by directing and will not answer personal questions or give information without sources. This is simply a factual exchange. Subjects may include food, jobs, healthcare, news sources, mental health etc.

Daily Motivational Messages: This will add you to either a text or email list server where you will receive a daily motivational message. This may include motivational quotes, breathing exercises, affirmations, activity suggestions, emotionally supportive messages, and more. If you no longer wish to receive Motivational Messages, simply respond via text or email with “STOP”. These are sent out by volunteers and are meant to uplift and support community members.

I would like to receive


  • Art

  • Mental Health

  • Movement

  • Music

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